Please Excuse a Proud Grandma Taking Up a Little Space


It was recently brought to my attention that I had not updated my piece about my daughter’s due date being around the golf outing date.  Well, we all managed to avoid the golf outing date so by the time of the outing all was settled down.  And although I had not forgotten about my granddaughter, I had forgotten how much she may have affected the golf outing.

Meet Korraline Kaaj Ntug Yang.  This pretty little girl entered the world on Wednesday, July 19 four weeks early amidst a bit of chaos her momma created.  Well, she didn’t really “create” it, but a few days prior to the 19th, my daughter’s appendix burst.  Of course, surgery was done to remove the appendix.  Baby was doing well inside still awaiting her earthly arrival.  She must have decided, however, she was not enjoying all of the antibiotics, pain killers and muscle relaxers her momma was getting and decided to enter our world a couple of days after surgery at a whopping 4 pounds 14 ounces.

It was a rough week for our daughter, her husband and her parents, of course, too, but the end result is wonderful!  My son-in-law is Hmong so they wanted a Hmong middle name.  Kaaj Ntug is directly translated as “early morning” or (more appropriately 😊) “dawn”. 

Korra and her momma have recovered nicely from the rather traumatic time.  Korra is now over 2 months old, smiling and nearly 9 pounds.  And her grandma can’t wait to spend some time with her when her mom goes back to work in a couple of weeks!