NWRBX Considers Hosting An “Information Day-Please Take Our Survey
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Board of Director Ballots


NWR Builders Exchange Election of Board of Directors If you have not done so already Please Return Your Ballots! by December 16 - Thank You!


Note In Regards to Membership Dues Increase Letter


  The membership dues rate change is in effect for those with an invoice due date of 1/1/23 or after.  If your membership renewal invoice due date is 12/31/22 or before your rate will remain the old rate of $285 and next year’s rate will be $441. An email will be sent to you 60 days prior to your member expiration date (anniversary date).  An invoice will be available at that time. You do not...


Have you received an email from us saying, “Your NWRBX Membership Expires in 60 (30) Days”?


Here’s a little explanation… Just a reminder since approximately one-third of our membership will receive a notice via email of their upcoming renewal date with us this week.  These notices are sent out 60 days prior and 30 days prior.  The email will look something like this: NORTHWEST REGIONAL BUILDERS EXCHANGE Your membership will expire on 01/07/2023. Please follow this link and renew online....


NWRBX Considers Hosting An “Information Day-Please Take Our Survey


In an effort to increase our benefits to our members, NWR Builders Exchange is considering hosting an “Information Day”.  This day would be held during the slower time of the year for construction – possibly December or January – and would consist of speakers/vendors discussing subjects like safety, economics, product knowledge, etc.  We are looking for input from you, our member, on what you...


The 2022-2023 Labor Law Training Series, Friday Fundamentals, Has Been Scheduled!


These interactive, educational web conferences are open to the public and are held from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Most topics are expanded versions of those presented at DWD Labor Law Clinics and include: 09/16/22 – Wisconsin's Wage & Hour Laws: Basics & Beyond 09/23/22 – OSHA and Wage & Hour: Beyond the Basics 10/07/22 – Employees with Health Challenges 10/14/22 – Workplace Harassment 10/21/22 – Defining...


Online Plan Availability


We have had some inquiries recently in regards to plans being available on our website.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind: If a plan is advertised on our website, plans and specs WILL be available.  We do NOT advertise plans that we do not have access to bidding docs. We publish our weekly bulletin every Wednesday.  On Tuesdays & Wednesdays, in order to publish all of the plans that...


We Still Make Blueprint Copies!


Please remember that our office still offers large format document copying. Our in-office services have not changed. We can make copies of, not only our plans, but those that you receive privately from general contractors, owners, architects, etc. And we will NOT share those projects with any of our other members. We also have the capability to scan hard copy blueprints and transfer them to a...


Follow us on Facebook!


  Follow us on Facebook where you will find information regarding our social events, scholarship, sharing our members Facebook posts, photos of our members working around town, day to day operations and so much more.  https://www.facebook.com/Northwest-Regional-Builders-Exchange-225990247936075   Also, share your Facebook page with us!  


Pondering on Printing Plans from Your Executive Director


Last month, I celebrated my 29th anniversary with the Northwest Regional Builders Exchange. Many things have changed in those 29 years (including our name and my hair color!). Contractors who have not been in our office for a few years, come in now and look at our plan rack and think we aren’t busy because we don’t have plans hanging as far as the eye can see. We are still busy. In fact, our...