Have you received an email from us saying, “Your NWRBX Membership Expires in 60 (30) Days”? Here’s a little explanation…


With our new website, we are now notifying our members via email of their upcoming renewal date with us.  Those notices are sent out 60 days prior, 30 days prior and on the expiration/anniversary dates.


  • If you wish to pay your membership dues ($285 + optional $10 scholarship donation) online simply click on the “Please follow this link and renew onlinelink and you can easily pay by credit card. 
  • If you would like us to email or mail the renewal invoice to you, you click “reply” on this email and request the invoice.  Or just give us a call and let us know you would like an invoice sent to you. 
  • We, along with you, are learning this new system and we may not have found all of the flaws or benefits of our new site.  Please feel free to contact us should you run into any problems with your membership renewal or any other issues that may arise with the new site.