NWR Builders Exchange Announces Blueprint Copy Price Increase COVID 19 Construction Guidelines

Zoom Meetings for Bid Openings, Pre-Bid Meetings, etc.


Seven months ago, most of us didn’t even know what zoom was!  Now “Zoom” is part of our everyday language.  Things are changing every day, nothing is the way it used to be – we have bid openings via video conference, we have to have our temperatures checked, we can only walk in one entrance/door, we are required to wear masks and so much more.  With that we are seeing more and more meetings and openings scheduled via Zoom and other requirements that simply did not exist seven months ago.  When we receive a notification of these requirements, we will be uploading those to our website.  If you see an asterisk (*) in the Addenda spot, it means that instructions for a pre-bid meeting, bid opening etc. have been downloaded to the Plan file.  It will be a stand-alone document, not filed with Addenda or Specs.   Hopefully this will help bring attention to the instructions as we receive them.