WHAT NEXT?!? Why wouldn’t someone steal checks out of our mailbox?


It has been a crazy couple of weeks here.  While planning for the golf outing our server was hacked.  Not only was it hacked but they also hit our back up system from June 1 on.  So we had to rebuild all of the data on our server from June 1 to July 31 once our computer guy got it back up and running.

Then this week we discovered another member who had mailed a check to us and that check cleared the bank.  The only problem was that the check never reached us.  Unfortunately, this is the 2nd check that this has happened with.  The first occurred mid-May.  At that time we were not sure where the check had been stolen from.  Since this is the 2nd check now, we are assuming that it was stolen out of our mailbox.  Both checks would have likely been delivered to our mailbox on a Saturday – one in the middle of May, one in the middle of July.  It appears that someone goes around on a Saturday or Sunday night and checks the mailbox.  The checks take on the appearance of the original check with a different border and Pay to the Order of changes.  Everything else about the check remains the same including the account numbers, signature, payee’s name and address and bank name.  One check was written to Nhia Yang and the other to Choua Moua both checks were endorsed by said individuals “for mobile deposit” to Ally Bank.  Sadly, this creates some chaos for these two members.  And for that, we apologize. 

We have contacted the Postal Service and our mail is being held on Saturdays and brought to us on Mondays.  The police have been contacted.   Beyond that there is not a lot we can do.  We are hoping these steps prevent this from happening again in the future.

For now, please, please, please…if I send you a statement and you believe you have paid it, do not ignore it.  Check your bank statement to see if that check has cleared and if it has make sure that it was written to and endorsed by Northwest Regional Builders Exchange, Builders Exchange or NWR Builders Exchange and endorsed by such for deposit to Charter Bank.