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NWRBX Night with the Express


On Friday evening, June 25, 2021, we hosted our annual evening with the Eau Claire Express on the Fan Deck at the 10th Inning Terrace.  We had about 117 attendees, the weather was beautiful albeit a bit muggy, but we had some cloud cover this year so we were able to actually watch the game!  We all enjoyed the food and maybe some of us even consumed a few adult beverages.

Attendance was lower than it has been in past years.  Why was that?  We have a few theories

  • We hosted this event on a Friday and in the past it has been either a Wednesday or Thursday.  Do people not care to attend “business” events on a Friday night?  Would they rather be heading up to their camper or cabin by that time?  Spending time with family rather than business associates?  Perhaps.
  • Not only was this a Friday night, but the Friday night of Country Fest.  We know for a fact that several people told us that this is where they were going to be.
  • COVID-19.  Maybe there are people that are still avoiding events such as this.

Overall, we are not sure.  Perhaps you did not attend for one of the above reasons.  Or maybe something completely different.  Please let us know so that we can plan appropriately for 2022.

The thing is…if you did not attend you missed a great evening.  And we even got to have fireworks after the game.  And the Express won!

Let’s plan this well for next year so that more people can attend!