Construction on North Hillcrest Parkway

Construction on North Hillcrest Parkway


The City of Altoona has selected streets in our neighborhood for the 2021 Pavement Replacement Program.  Streets to be repaved include North Hillcrest Parkway from McCann Drive to 10th Street West (that’s us!).  Construction has begun on the other streets included in this program and will soon begin here.


Construction will consist of removal and replacement of the asphaltic pavement.  The roadway will not be fully closed during these activities, but there will be limited times when traffic will be impeded.  The duration of the work is intended to be brief.


Streets to be included in the Altoona 2021 Pavement Replacement Program include:

  1. Devney Dr. from McCann Dr. to 3rd St. East
  2. McCann Dr. from Devney Dr. to N. Hillcrest Pkwy
  3. N. Hillcrest Pkwy from McCann Dr. to 10th St. West
  4. 9th St. West from James Ave. to Bartlett Ave.
  5. James Ave. from 10th St. West to 7th St. West